“I’m pretty sure something is falling out of my vagina. Will I need surgery?” This is the number one concern I hear from the women I help.

I’m happy to tell you, there ARE proven holistic alternatives to bladder lifts and hysterotomies for a fallen pelvic organ.

I want you to know that sex CAN be pain-free and even ENJOYABLE again!

You don’t have rely on adult diapers or feel controlled by your bladder.

Let’s face it. Our society has done a pretty crappy job of prioritizing women’s health, especially when it comes to health issues that are more intimate in nature. Your body and its health does not cease to exist between your belly button and thighs.

There are tools to help you recover, and I’d love to be apart of your healthcare team to help you achieve a optimal pelvic health

“Dr. Amanda is amazing, she made me feel heard and like I can take control again” -Stephany R.

This program is for women who want to avoid prolapse surgery, desire a pain-free sex life, or are suffering from pelvic pain

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What is the Program?

I have a unique program that has been PROVEN to help you enjoy sex again, regain control of your bladder and avoid prolapse surgery. It’s called the Calm, Correct and Restore Method and consists of taking you through 3 phases that help restore your vaginal health.

The first phase is the CALM Phase where we work to calm the nervous system and relax the pelvic muscles. Women who suffer from vaginal issues are more likely to have tense muscles that lose their ability to function properly. We must calm the nervous system and restore proper function to get you results. Most women experience significant pain relief and reduced bladder leakage in this phase.

The second phase is the Correct Phase, where we correct how your muscles work. Muscles that are functioning poorly don’t magically start working correctly with kegels. It takes a specific method that you can easily master. When you complete the Correct Phase, you will have confidence in your vagina. Completing the Correct Phase helps ensure the pain relief and bladder control STAYS.

The last phase is the Restore Phase. During this phase we strengthen the pelvic muscles. You need a strong pelvic floor to have amazing orgasms, and keep your organs supported with exercise. This phase is where we push you to achieve your deepest goals. Here is where you achieve long lasting prolapse support, and reconnected intimacy with your partner. Women who complete this phase do not have to worry about their symptoms returning to what they once where.

What all do I get with this program?

  • Continence. No more panti-liners or depends!
  • Amazing sex with your partner (Not just pain relief, but intimacy you enjoy)
  • Relief from vaginal bulging/heaviness
  • Return to Heavy Lifting and Running safely
  • Avoided Surgery *in most cases
  • Calm bladder. No more urgently rushing to the bathroom

Conditions I treat

Pelvic organ Prolapse
Pain with vaginal penetration
Pelvic pain/discomfort
Urinary Urgency
Urinary Incontinence

I’m Interested… What’s Next???

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Expertise, Friendliness, Care”

I am very thankful to have found this wonderful therapist! Dr Amanda is so knowledgeable in the field of women’s health, and specifically the pelvic floor area. Through only 3 treatments, along with illustrations and easy to understand instructions, she advised me of what I can to do myself now to avoid problems, and possibly even surgery, in the future. I will forever be grateful to you Dr Amanda for your expertise, friendliness and care!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Big Help”

Dr. Amanda was a big help. She’s really friendly and listened to what I had going on and came up with a plan that helped me get back to where I wanted to be. Thanks again for all your help.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“One of the Best Medical Decisions”

This has been one of the best medical decisions I have ever made for myself! Amanda possesses an excellent bedside manner with great communication skills. I have recommended her practice to any of my female friends that asked me about pelvic floor physical therapy. I really appreciate her text availability for questions about the exercises she sends with you after each evaluation and follow up. They are easy to follow and take an average of less than 15mins a day!