At Health and Healing Physical Therapy we specialize in providing women’s health physical therapy services and pelvic floor rehabilitation. We are a small clinic dedicated to providing quality, individualized care.

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Physical Therapy Can Help With

Prenatal Care
Pain Management | External Support garments | Leakage | Intimacy Concerns | Constipation Management | Preparation for Labor and Delivery

Postpartum Care 
Diastasis Recti | Pain free intimacy | Scar Tissue Management
Pelvic/Back/Breast Pain Management | Guided return to Exercise
Core and Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Pain Management:
Spine | Sacroiliac | Pelvic Girdle | Coccyx | Pre/Post-Surgical
Pudendal Neuralgia| Abdominal | Genital| Anal/Rectal Pain

Pelvic Organ Dysfunction
Leakage | Urgency | Frequency | Pain | Prolapse | Cancer
Post-Surgical | Interstitial Cystitis | Constipation | Adhesions
Hemorrhoids | Endometriosis

Pregnancy | Postpartum | Fitness

Where we are:

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Our office is located in Burleson, TX

Contact us at 682-231-1607 via call or text to schedule an appointment