When to Worry About Low Back Pain

Current statistics show 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their life. In most cases, back pain will resolve on its own, given time. Occasionally back pain doesn’t resolve, and you may need to receive further treatment

This blog post is intended to serve as a guide to determine when you should consider seeking further help for your low back pain.

  1. Your back pain has lasted more than 6 weeks
    • Most back pain resolves on its own, but if you hit the 6 week time period, and are still struggling with back pain, you may need a further medical examination. Most soft tissue injuries, like a muscle strain or ligament strain will heal after about 6 weeks, so you pain may have other causes
  2. Your back pain is getting more severe overtime
    • Generally speaking back pain symptoms should improve overtime, continued worsening of your pain could be a sign that you need further medical intervention
  3. You where involved in an activity that could have resulted in a fracture
    • Severe pain after an auto accident, fall, or other traumatic impact could cause a fracture, and should be investigated immediately
  4. You have sudden loss of bowel and bladder function and/or numbness in groin and buttocks
    • This is a very rare, but a medical emergency that you should not wait to get treated for
  5. You are frustrated with your pain, and do not want to live with it anymore
    • Most importantly if the pain is affecting your quality of life and you cannot perform the duties that are important to you, seek help!

Sometimes people wait too long before being seen for their back pain, and a condition that was once required a simple treatment to fix, can take many weeks or months of treatment to correct if left untreated. If you have waited for an extended period to address your back pain, you should still seek treatment, because many conservative interventions exist to help alleviate your pain and improve your quality of life

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