What insurances do you accept?

We are out-of-Network with all commercial insurances…BUT WAIT…. getting reimbursed by your insurance is easier than you think. We can offer you a document called a “superbill” that you submit to your insurance company with all of the treatment medical coding.

You’ll need to contact your insurance provider and inquire about your “Out-of-Network Physical Therapy Benefits.” Insurance coverage will depend on your insurance carrier and your specific plan details.

Do you treat men?

Yes, we treat any individual age 15 or older with a pelvis.

What will my Investment Be?

-The Strategy Session is $70. This is a virtual 30 min call. I want to hear your story and understand what you’re looking to achieve. We can then determine if I’m a good fit. The cost of this session can be applied to your Evaluation.

-The Evaluation is $250. This is a one-on-one hands on service where you will receive a comprehensive evaluation were we determine the underlying root cause of why you are experiencing your symptoms as well as develop our treatment plan for what specifically we need to do to resolve the issue, and meet your health goals.

-The All-In Intensive Care package: $2,700 for 3 months of weekly  hour-long visits and concurrent clinical support. Your Strategy Session and Evaluation will be covered under this package.

-The Mini- Care package: $1,350 for 6 weeks of weekly hour-long visits and concurrent clinical support.  Your Strategy Session and Evaluation will be covered under this package

-Al a Carte/Pay as you go option: $250 for do-it yourself, where you select your own frequency/duration, and we problem solve your case together during each session.

What do I wear to my treatment?

You can wear whatever you feel is comfortable. Ideally clothes that allow you to move freely as I often prescribe stretches and exercises to get you moving and feeling better.

I am uncomfortable with an internal pelvic exam, should I still come?

Absolutely! Internal pelvic examination is only one tool of assessment that I use to determine the best treatment strategy. You certainly do not have to have one if you do not wish. I strive to make you comfortable at each session, and you will never be pressured to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

Do I need a referral from my Doctor to come see you?

No, you do not need a referral unless you would like a superbill to submit to your insurance. In this case you will need to provide a referral from a PCP, OBGYN, CNM, Chiropractor, PA, or NP.