“Your HEALTH is your WEALTH”

  • Appointments are $225 each and includes a 1 hour consult

During your initial visit, I will perform a full assessment that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of WHAT is causing your symptoms, WHY the symptoms are present and HOW you can proceed forward with a program that will work. We discuss not only physical therapy solutions, but alternative options you may consider if physical therapy is not the best fit.

For those that decide to proceed with these holistic healthcare services, I often recommend we start with an 8 week program.

  • “Fix my issue” Starter package is $1400
    • It includes 8 sessions over an 8 week period
    • You meet once per week with me and we establish a care plan that will holistically solve your issue at the root

Payment Plans:

I currently do not offer any payment plans. The fee for your services are due at time of visit. You may choose to pay with credit/debit, FSA or HSA funds.

Packages include:

  • A text/email/phone access to me as your provider
  • Personalized home program
  • Nutrition support
  • Bowel health support
  • Bladder retraining program
  • Holistic hormonal support
  • Professional sex education

During your initial visit we can figure out a plan to achieve your goals. Sessions are typically recommended at a 1 time per week frequency. Duration of care is typically several weeks, but varies depending on extent of condition.

Schedule online or Contact us today to schedule an visit 682-231-1607. Please leave a voicemail, if there is no answer, as I tend to handle phone inquiries personally.

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